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Chapter 1

“Where did he come from? “asked one man.

“I found him lying on the beach, like this.” says a young boy.

“Was there any belongings or personal items he might’ve had?”  asked a fairly older man.

“He was just there, lying on the beach, no clothes no nothing. His eyes were open and he had this weird green glow on his waist.” replied the young boy hesitantly.

“Uh huh, and that’s all?” the older man asks.

“Yes Sir.” the boy replied his head bowed.

“You may go back to your home boy, thanks for the intel.”  the younger man says.

The boy leaves with his head nodded down, almost like he is scared to look up. The men then look at the unconscious man sitting at the table.

“So what should we do with him? He’s been quite fun to deal with.” says the older gentlemen.

“It sure has been.” says an unfamiliar voice.

The man that was unconscious is gone from where he used to be and is now at the door way.

“How The He-“ the older gentlemen says while in shock.

The man that used to be unconscious starts to swing the keys that the older man was carrying.

“What?” the man checks the pocket where his keys were held.

The man who used to be unconscious locked the door and smiled at the window of what seems to be an interrogation room. As the men scream in the room, the man who used to be unconscious laughs and walks away.

I must back up, for everything to make sense, you see I used to be a normal human being, until a special day happened, and all I had was taken from me.
--- An old assignment -
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