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“Guards! Stop please!” yells a young man with a crown on his head.

Along a long stretch of bridge connecting to the castle, about four guards seem to be doing patrol.

The guards stop patrolling and turn back slowly. One guard then looks at the man and replies to him.

“Yes, Prince?” the guard asks with a small attitude.

“My father has summoned you four for something. We have found something.” He said directly.

“Your father?” the guard questions.

The scene has changed; down beneath the surface a cave is in view. There are signs that people have been in there excavated and mining in it.

“Don’t do that.” One man in a blue miner’s outfit yells.

“But Jack! –“the other one complains, also wearing a miner outfit.

“No James, It’s far too dangerous to recklessly start digging into things we don’t know about.” Jack yelled.

“We are brothers, and I’m not going to let you die because you were stupid and reckless.” He said with a pickaxe in his face.

“Your right…but what is it, brother?” James said looking at a black glistening structure.

The structure was about twenty feet high and about ten feet wide, made out of obsidian. It was in the shape of a rectangle and was empty in the middle, almost like a gateway to some foreign place.

Jack pokes the weird structure with his pickaxe and it makes a weird sound.

“It couldn’t be…” he said with awe and amazement.

His younger brother James stared at him, trying to figure out what Jack was astounded by.

However, the sound from the structure kept getting louder; Jack was holding his pickaxe on the structure. As the noise got louder, James yelled.

“Jack, leave your pickaxe there and come over here.” James yelled worriedly.

Jack left his pickaxe next to the structure so it was still touching it and ran over to James. After a couple of minutes, they knew that this structure was seriously dangerous. The pickaxe slowly started changing black, it was turning obsidian.

The brothers were astounded. They went back over to the pickaxe, and James picked it up.
“No, James!” Jack yelled.

James dropped it, Jack just watched. He was expecting something to happen to his brother, but nothing did. Therefore, Jack picked up the obsidian pickaxe, and held it for a few minutes. Nothing had happened to him or James, it was safe.

“Amazing!” Jack said, writing down his observations in his journal.

“It turns things into obsidian? “James asked.

“It seems so, but…I have a feeling there is more to this.” Jack yelled now excited to try something.

He walked quickly out of the room and went into a small tunnel he had mined. He then layed the pickaxe there.

“What are you doing, Jack?” James asked in curiosity.

“Just watch.” Jack said happily.

He layed out a lining of wire and placed a trail from the obsidian pickaxe to about twenty feet back.

He then placed a small charge, for an explosion, right on top of the pickaxe and ran back to the detonator.

“Do you wish to do the honors, brother?” Jack asked.

James nodded and pulled the latch on the side of the detonator, and pushed it in.A few seconds later there was a large noise from the direction of the pickaxe.

“Let’s go check the results.” Jack said waving his hand to his brother telling him to follow.

They went back to where the pickaxe had layed. The room was filled with dust so it was hard to see, though Jack pulled out a small item that swept away some of the debris.
“No way.” James said astounded.

The obsidian pickaxe was still there, and not even a scratch was on it.

“So it’s indestructible, eh?” Jack said while jotting down some things in his notebook.
Jack then got up, and went to a random miner in the mine.

“Hey you, get me these supplies please.” Jack said nicely to the man, handing him a paper with a list of materials.

“You got it, sir.” The miner said rushing out of the mine.

“What did you have him get?” James asked.

“Well, we need to see if the structure can react with anything.” Jack said looking at James.

After an hour of waiting, the miner finally came back with the supplies and materials on the list.

“I appreciate your help.” Jack said to the man.

“Anytime.” He said going back to mining.

The materials were placed about the same place James had detonated the explosive. They stayed back in case anything happened.

“First, let’s test water.” Jack said while splashing water at the obsidian pickaxe.
Nothing had happened.

They both tried numerous tests, testing different materials, including, wind, fire, electricity, magnets. Even after all of these test, the pickaxe didn’t react.
“Maybe we should give up? Maybe that’s all it does, turn things obsidian?” James said to his brother.

“Maybe.” Jack said depressingly.

“Let’s call it a night and head home.” James said.

“No thanks, I’m going to stay here for the night.” Jack said looking at his notebook.
“It’s cold here! We can come back tomorrow. C’mon brother, what do you say?” James tried persuading Jack.

Jack looked at James, and got a piece of flint and steel and started hitting it onto a pile of wood that other miners had stock piled for cold days, and Jack started a fire.
“I’m no longer cold. I will stay here.”Jack said blowing at the sparks to get the fire to burn wood.

James then looked at Jack and then started walking away.

“If anything happens use the wh--.” James said about to leave.

There was a rumbling noise next to Jack. Jack quickly stood up and ran over to his brother. The obsidian pickaxe was glowing slowly. It started emitting purple flames.
Jack looked at his flint and steel.

“I thought we tried fire?” James said amazed, yet confused.

“We did.Though, I think that the fire had to be made through minerals within the earth. We tried it with a match.” Jack said to James staring at the pickaxe.

“James put out the fire.” Jack said, still eying the pickaxe.

James put out the fire and the pickaxe went back to its original obsidian form.

“Hmmm.Interesting.Here, help me move this wood into the room with the structure.” Jack said to James picking up some wood.

“Sure.” James said walking over and collecting the rest of the wood.

They had layed the wood down in front of the structure and got the flint and steel.

“No matter what happens, we are always in this together, right?” Jack asked James before lighting the fire.

“Always.” James nodded excitingly.

“Right.” Jack said hitting the flint with his steel blade.

The fire was lit, yet nothing was happening.

“That’s wei—“Jack tried saying.

The inner part of the structures started to fill up with a purplish glow. Particles started to flow within, and out of the structure. The structure finally filled with this purple glow and had lit up brighter.

“We have done it.We have found…” Jack started to say.

“…A portal.” James finished writing notes is his personal journal also.

“Let’s go report back to the King and let him know of our discoveries.” James said after finishing his notes.

“Right, let’s do that.” Jack agreed.

They both got a bucket of water and poured it on the fire. The portal went out.

They then left to go report to the king. However, the fire was out, the portal started to fill up again. The purple glow started to fill it once again. The portal was on.
The scene changes, and the prince and the guards are on another section of the castle walls.

“So what have they found, Tias?” one of the guards asked.

“Never call me by my first name! We might be family, but I want you call me Prince. Got that, Arin?” the prince snapped.

“Yeah, yeah, just get on with filling us in.” Arin said.

The prince looked at Arin with a smirk and continued.

“Well, father has started an excavation in the mines on the east-side of Lividus. He seems to have found a relic of the past.” The prince explained.

“A relic?” one of the guards question.

“Yes.” The prince stated.

“Interesting. Do they know what it is yet?” Arin asked.

“No.They are still figuring that part out. Though father thinks it will take a bit to examine.” The prince said to them as they were walking under and arch.

“So where do we come in?” one of the guards ask.

“You will be there to protect the men my father has put in charge of investigating the relic. You will make sure they are safe throughout their investigation.” The prince explained a bit more.

“Ah,I see.” Arin said as he sighed.

“Prince Tias, Prince Tias!” Jack and his brother yelled up to the Prince.

The prince looked over the edge and looked at the miners.

“Yes?” the Prince asked.

“Um, we have a p-p-problem.” They both looked frightened.

“Well, spit it out, what’s the –“the prince was distracted as the ground started to darken, and the miners started pointing towards the sky.

The guards and the Prince looked up to see a sky, clouded by a spinning purple fog.
Inside the town, children stopped playing. The mothers hurried their children into their homes.
An old man in rocking chairs stands up.

“So, the prophecy has started. “he says as he was looking up into the sky.

Things then start to be sucked in like a blackhole.Leaves from the trees, dirt; slowly everything was being sucked in.

“We have to run and warn Dad.” Arin yells.

Everyone starts to run, yet the Prince did not move.

“I can’t move!” the prince said struggling and freaking out.

“What do you mean you can’t move?” Arin said running back trying to pull him.

Though Prince Tias was right, he could not move. The tougher man of the guards ran over to try to help, but to no avail could he move the prince. The portal continued sucking things in, and suddenly the prince starts to fly upwards. He still could not move.
Arin then tries reaching for his brother’s hand and holds on to it, also floating up in the air. The tough guard then jumps onto Arin holding onto him trying to help them out.
“I won’t let it take you!” Arin shouts to Tias.

As they all fly up, the bridge starts to collapse and the big chunks of debris from the bridge surround the flying trio.

A huge mass of stone then slowly comes and separates them while in the air. The princes coronet falls off and the prince starts to fall, as the others are unconscious and still flying up.

“No! Arin! Arin!” Prince Tias tried yelling, but Arin did not respond.

Arin and the guard are sucked into the portal, and so was coronet that the prince had.

The prince falls, and goes unconscious before he even fell to the ground.

“Is he…can’t move…way to early.” he heard slowly opening his eyes.

He hurt, and was in pain, though he could not help but to slowly turn his neck.
The place was wrecked. The kingdom no longer looked like a kingdom, but more like a wasteland.

The voices he had heard were that of the medics who were taking him to the infirmity.Most of the inside of the castle was still intact, luckily. He was sat down on a bed, and told not to move.

“Is everyone okay? Is Arin—“he started to blurt out.

A man appeared, he was an adviser for the guards of Lividus, his name was Lain.
“Your friends were taken unfortunately, and besides all of the damage there were many casualties.” Lain said softly.

“No…” Tias said tearing up.

“That’s not even the worst of it, though; I may warn you that you’re not going to like it.” Lain said gulping.

“What is it?” Tias demanded.

Lain did not say anything, he just pointed at the bed next to his, and bows. His father was in a coma, right next to him.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Lain said walking away slowly.

“Wait? What’s wrong with him?” Tias asked as more tears fell off his cheek.

“He’s in a coma. We do not know for how long.Your father went looking for you but you were nowhere to be found, so he got upset and went to the relic. He tried to take it down using all his strength and some of the toughest men of the kingdom, but it wouldn’t budge.” Lain explained the situation.

“That doesn’t explain –“Tias tried saying, but the pain from his leg stopped him.
“Those who touched the relic turned out in this condition, in a coma a day or two later.” Lain finished.

Tias looked at his father.

“Don’t worry dad. I will get Arin back for us. I promise.” Tias said slowly passing out.
The scene changes to the side of an island near the beach.

Arin is on the beach. He slowly gains consciousness. His bones ache and doesn’t stand up, but rather sits in an Indian styled position with his legs.

The coronet is right next to him, Prince Tias’s crown. He goes to reach for it and he is jabbed by a stick. A women stands in front of him with leather patches for clothing and holding a pointed stick. She then starts to talk to Arin.

“Uke lok na ok,sa me da ca?” she said to Arin.

Arin looks at her funny.

“My name is Arin.” he says slowly.

She then looks at the coronet, picks it up and looks back at Arin.
“Follow me, Arin.” she said slowly.

He then follows her into the forest.

The scene changes to a modern day city.

Passed out on the grass, is the guard that was also sucked in.

The scene then changes one last time this time in a different environment.Everything is foggy, red like mist covers this unique world. However, there is a man in the shadows who starts walking towards something in the distance. When he finally reaches where he is going to, it turns out it is a portal just like the one in Lividus.

Behind him are all sorts of weird creatures, ones not of this world, and suddenly, the portal starts filling purple. Particles start flowing into the portal, and with a large explosion of purple dust, the portal is on. The man’s face is not shown. The only thing seen is his lower face, in which there was a smile. This smile, was an evil smile.
So this is probably my best piece aside from my story "Hanako".I originally wrote a draft for an animtion for this,but I changed it into a story after thinking about it for a bit.This will get animated soon. :)
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