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~ The Beginning

A small girl is seen running through the forest with no more than a ragged old cloth to cover her body. A few groups of men wearing lab coats are also running closely after the girl, which seems to be about eight years old. The girl slows down finding herself at a dead end, with nothing but an old, raggedy, broken down wooden bridge in front of her, joining the two cliffs together. The men catch up to her as she tries to back up on to the bridge. She backs up as the men inch closer.

“It’s okay, just come on back.” one of the men says, inching his way closer.

The girl nods her head left to right and keeps stepping back. She places her hands on her head as if it was some type of trauma.One of the men pushes a smaller man towards the bridge, not trying to risk their lives.

Nervously, the man walks onto the bridge and he holds his hands out as if he is about to grab her, until suddenly, she yells. Though, it did not seem like it was the man that made her scream, but rather her head. He starts to run away, but he is too late. The girl falls to her knees, holding her hands on her head screaming. The pressure from the girl started snapping the bridge’s strings, one by one. All of the strings had finally snapped, and the bridge fell. The man, the girl, and the bridge fall into the dark abyss of the trench.

Everything is blank, it could be death and it might not be. All that can be seen is white, as no other color exist, just the girl. A hole appears near the center of this white plane, and she holds her hand in front of her and walks towards it. As she gets closer, other colors start to become visible, like a freedom after a long wait and so she enters through this hole. The whiteness starts to fade and she opens her eyes. She was in a hospital room, and knew this from the heart rate monitor next to her, not to mention all of the small tubes that were on here.She was much older than before, and her hair was much longer. She tries to sit up, but it was very difficult, and painful, but she did anyways.She looked around, trying to visualize where she was at, and where she needed to go. She left the bed, taking off the tubes connecting her to the Heart Monitor, yet she took the IV with her. She started slowly making her way to the door, and trips, still getting used to her frail self. She opens the door, and looks out the hallway to see if there was anyone out there.

Though, lucky for her, the hallways were barren, and so she slowly creeped out into the hallway. The woman walks a bit but then falls, as her legs have not fully recovered. A nurse walks out of another patient’s room, just closing the door, and sees the woman struggle to make her way back up. The nurse runs over to the girl to help her, and helps the women make her way back to her room. She has the women seated back onto her bed, though for some reason she was crying, the women noticed.

“Stay here, and try not to put much pressure on yourself.” The nurse had said closing the door behind her.

The women looked out the window to her right, noticing that things were not the same as before. She then looked at her hands, now noticing that she has aged quite a bit. She then looks around the room to see a remote lying right next to her and she turns on the TV, which had been to her left side, near the window. The news was on, and in the bottom hand corner the date and the time had been labled.The date was labeled “xx3612”, a full ten years have gone by. The women turned the news off, with tears flowing off her cheeks.

“Hi, is this a bad time?” a doctor said coming in with a clipboard.

The women shook her head to say “no”.

“Well then, I see your still trying to accept that it’s been quite a while.” the doctor said as he shut the door.

The women started to wipe away her tears.

“By the way, my name is Dr.Robec.I'm one of the senior doctors here at the Juinice Central Hospital.” He said as he pulled up a chair next to the woman’s bed.

The woman just watches him, not saying anything.

“So I’m guessing you have many questions to be answered, such as, how you got here and who you are exactly, am I right?” He said to her as he flashed her eyes with a flashlight.

She nodded her head.

“Well, sadly we don’t actually know either. Ten years ago, you just appeared here.You had some minor fractures and bruises, but you were unconscious and for the longest time, we never knew if you were going to make it.” Dr.Robec said in awe.

The woman was also in awe, and confused as to what had happened before all of this.

“Though, if you think you can, or want to, you can try to remember. Anything that you can remember is something valuable until you recover fully.” Dr.Robec said taking his glasses of to wipe them.

The woman tried hard to think, but every time she tried, there would be a sharp jolt of pain that hit her.

“Gahhhhhh.” The woman screamed.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to do it right this moment.Dont stress yourself.”  Dr.Robec said sharply.

The woman eased into the pillow, suppressing her pain, and tried hard to remember something, anything.

Dr.Robec quickly soaked a rag and placed it on her forehead, pleading her to stop.

Echoes in the women’s head, she heard the ringing of bells, and she heard talking. She tried listening closer, and closer, trying to hear a repetitive shout far in the distance of her consciousness.

“Don’t push yourself! Nurse Mary, I need assistance! Hang in there!” Dr.Robec yelled, trying to hold the women’s head up.

The nurse rushed in and also got a warm rag and tried to help the woman. The woman started to bleed from her nose a little bit. The echoing became clear and the word was clear.

“M-My n-name is H-Hanako.” The woman said lastly before passing out.
Doctor Robec and the nurse stared at each other, and then back at the women, Hanako.

Doctor Robec and the nurse left her be for a few hours and would check the women’s vitals from time to time and a bit more time had passed, the women had woken up.

“So, how are you feeling, mystery girl, Hanako?” Doctor Robec asked checking her pulse.

“I-I’m doing better. I feel a little sick.” Hanako said coughing.

“Well that’s good, if it was anything but little we would be in trouble.” Doctor Robec said cheerfully.

Hanako smiled. She turned outside and looked out the window. She then slowly walked out of her bed and stared out into the distant world, for which she had left for ten years. Doctor Robec walked slowly up behind her, putting his hands in his pockets and looked out the window.

“How much things can change, am I right?” Doctor Robec said while looking at her.

“Yeah, change.” Hanako said silently.

“Is there something bothering you?” Doctor Robec asked looking at Hanako tearing up.

“I just wish I could remember, that’s all. Anyways, what city am in exactly?” Hanako asked questionably.

“Don’t worry about it, you’ll remember eventually. Things like this just take time, but as to the city, we are in the lovely city of Juinice. This is the central hospital, and is located in the heart of the city.” He said spanning his arm across the window.

“I’m far from home.” Hanako said.

“Home? You remember?” Doctor Robec starred at her suspiciously.

“No, I just know that this city is not home, just a faint feeling.” Hanako said holding her hand on the window.

“I see, well if it makes you feel any better, you got a letter while you were in your coma.” Doctor Robec said heading over to a small desk with an envelope on it.

“For me?” she said grabbing the envelope excitedly.

“We don’t know who left it, but we kept it for you until you woke up from your coma.” He said looking at Hanako and the envelope as she opened it.

Inside the envelope was a piece of paper, and a necklace. The necklace had a dark blue gemstone with a light blue outline. Hanako touched the tip of the stone to see a huge flash of light that had turned out all lights on the first floor and then back on. Hanako dropped the necklace.

“What was that!?” Doctor Robec yelled.

“I-I don’t know.” Hanako stuttered, rubbing her eyes.

Hanako looked at the necklace as it layed on the floor and touched it again, but nothing happened. She then took it back up and held it back in her hand. She flipped the letter over and started reading aloud:

“If you are reading this letter then it might be too late. Always keep that necklace with you, it will bring good luck. Good luck.” Hanako read.

“Hold on, you forgot this at the bottom.” Doctor Robec pointed out on the letter.

“P.S, there might be a big flash of light when you first open this letter up, that’s normal.” Hanako finished.

The doors of the room flew open to a worried nurse.

“Are you guys okay, all of a sudden there was—. “ Nurse Mary said then averting her attention to the opened letter and the necklace.

“Do you feel any different at all, Hanako?” Doctor Robec asked looking at the necklace in Hanako’s hand.

“I-don’t-think-so?” Hanako said wearily, then fainting.

Hanako was caught by Doctor Robec with Nurse Mary running to assist him. The necklace yet again, fell to the floor as they laid Hanako back onto the bed. After Hanako was safely on the bed, Doctor Robec tried to pick up the necklace, only to get shocked by it.

“Hmm.That’s not normal.” Doctor Robec said while rapidly shaking his hand.

The necklace then slowly moved towards the bed and put itself around Hanako’s neck.

“How the –“Nurse Mary said shockingly.

“This girl, she’s definitely not ordinary.” Doctor Robec stated wiping his glasses again.

“She reminds you of her, doesn’t she?” Nurse Mary said making her way out of the room.

“Nurse Mary! I ask you to please not --. “He said as he turned around, but she wasn’t there anymore.

“—bring that up.” Doctor Robec said sadly.

Doctor Robec then pulls up a chair next to the window and sits there with his hands on his head, almost as if he was praying. He was not praying though, he was remembering.

“Daddy!” a little girl shouted playing on her scooter on the sidewalk.

A young man happily walked at her side holding her hand until his phone rung.

“Maria, stay here, I got to take this call really quick.” The young man said.

“Okay daddy.” She said sitting on the curb, watching a squirrel in front of her.

The man answered his phone formally.

“Hello, this is John Robec speaking; may I ask who this is?” The man said.

The squirrel was trying to get a nut in the middle of the street, but did not cross.

“Oh yes, Mainore Corperation.Did you review my application already?” The man said still on the phone.

“Mr. Squirrel, why don’t you get your nut?” Maria asked with her hands against her cheeks.

“Thanks sir, I’ll be there! What time is the interview?” The man said happily jumping up and down.

“Daddy! I got the nut!” Maria shouted.

“Not now honey, Daddy’s –. “ The man said turning around.

Maria was in the middle of the street, holding an acorn in her left hand as a car was not even ten feet from her. The man dropped his phone and ran towards the middle of the street, but it was too late. By the time he got to the sidewalk, it was too late. The acorn fell across the street to the squirrel, and it scurried away.

“MARIA!” The man screamed, while tears flowed down his eyes.

“Doctor.” A voice had said.

Doctor Robec woke up in a sweat.

“Bad dream?” Hanako asked handing him a cup with water in it.

“Very.” He said drinking the water.

Doctor Robec looked at Hanako, and then got up from his seat.

“So, do you remember anything related to your parents or any family you have?” Doctor Robec asked.

“I don’t know. I still can’t remember much of anything.” She said softly.

“Okay then. I’m going to check the city records to see if we can’t find anyone related to you in the city.” Doctor Robec said walking towards the door.

“Thanks Doctor.” Hanako said happily.

“Anytime.” He said closing the door.

Doctor Robec started walking down the hallway, to an office like area and sat down at a desk.

“Computer.” He said to the hologram like screen in front of him.

“Yes, Doctor John Robec. How may I assist you?” asked the computer.

“Can you please search city records for an individual with the name of Hanako in the last ten years?” He asked the computer demandingly.

“Checking records, please wait.” The computer replied.

Doctor Robec drank some more of his water as he was waiting.

“Zero results for the name Hanako.” The computer said finally.

“Having trouble?” Nurse Mary said looking at Doctor Robec.

“I don’t know, records can’t find anything on her. She has amnesia, and no home to go too.” Doctor Robec said sadly.

“I know this might sound a bit un-ethical, but why not just do protocol forty-two?” Nurse Mary questioned.

“Protocol forty-two?” Doctor Robec said confused.

“Protocol forty-two states: If a patient does not have records or residential guardians up until they are treated or until said patient has knowledge of such information, then a doctor or nurse may file for guardianship for the patient until the appointed time.” The computer answered.

“I see.” Doctor Robec said thinking.

“Maria wasn’t your fault, Doctor, it’s okay.” Nurse Mary said in his ear.

“I know, but it’s been sometime, I don’t know if I am the right one to do it.”  Doctor Robec said hesitantly.

“Well, if you don’t then I will. That girl needs someone to care for her right now. She’s in a new world, all alone and by herself.” Nurse Mary said handing him a sheet of paper.

Nurse Mary left elsewhere in a rush. Doctor Robec stared at the paper and held it in his hand.

It was a hit and run. Police cars blocked the roadway, with the young girl on the ground trying to be brought back through CPR and defibrillation.

“Help her! Please save her!” a young man said screaming at the paramedics’ crew surrounding his daughter.

There was nothing he could do to bring her back.

“One.Two.Three.Go.” The paramedics kept saying as they shocked her heart repeatedly.

The girl did not move and the man had to be forcefully taken away from her while they put a sheet over her body.

“Maria! Come back to me! Please, give me a second chance!” the man shouted.

Waking up from his memories, Doctor Robec walked back into the hallway with the paper in his hand. He walked into Hanako’s room and he handed her the paper.

“What’s this? “She asked.

“It’s a Patient Guardianship request form.” He answered.

“Yes.” She said happily.

“It means that – wait, what?” He said shocked with the quickness of her response.

“This form, it’s so you can take care of me until I remember who I am, right?” she said smiling.

“Yes, It is.” He said.

“Then yes, I trust you to be my guardian until I remember.” Hanako said signing her name on the “patient signature” line.

Doctor Robec took the sheet, and headed for the door and looked back at Hanako.

“Get some rest, we’re going to have a lot of things to do tomorrow with school season coming up.” He smiled shutting the door.

Hanako also smiled with tears running down her face.

“Thank you, Doctor Robec.” She said quietly.
Spent a long time drafting,and now im finally going through and expanding ALOT on the 46 pages or so draft I have. :P

Enjoy! :P
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